Choosing the Perfect Rug Fiber

Hey, friends! Can you believe tomorrow is already September? The official beginning to the ‘ber’ months. Before you know it, the holidays will be here and the gatherings begin. Is your home host ready?

One of the pieces in your home that will see the most traffic and use over the holidays is the rug in your main living area. When it comes to selecting a rug, one of the most critical factors to consider is the type of fiber it’s made from. You have several options including viscose fibers, polyester blends, and wool and hand-knotted rugs. Each option has its own unique characteristics, pros and cons. Let’s take a closer look at each of these options.


Viscose Rugs: Shimmering Elegance or Delicate Dilemma?

Viscose fibers, also known as art silk, have a beautiful sheen and a silk-like feel, making them a great option for adding a touch of luxury to a room. They are typically a machine made, less expensive option. However, they do not offer a lot of durability. Check out the stats below.


  1. Elegance and Sheen: Viscose rugs are known for their luxurious appearance, often resembling silk due to their natural shine and softness. These rugs can lend a touch of sophistication to any room.
  2. Softness: Viscose fibers have a silky texture that feels incredibly soft underfoot. This makes them an inviting choice for spaces where comfort is a priority, such as bedrooms.
  3. Color Brilliance: Viscose fibers take dye exceptionally well, resulting in vibrant and saturated colors. This means you can find a wide range of color options to match your décor.


  1. Durability Concerns: Viscose rugs are more delicate compared to other rug fibers. They can be easily damaged by moisture, foot traffic, and sunlight exposure. This makes them less suitable for high-traffic areas or homes with active children or pets.
  2. Cleaning Challenges: Viscose rugs are notorious for their sensitivity to moisture. Water spills or cleaning with water-based solutions can cause the fibers to shrink, distort, or lose their shine. Professional cleaning may be required to avoid damage.
  3. Fading: Over time, exposure to sunlight can cause the colors in viscose rugs to fade. Placing these rugs in areas with direct sunlight can lead to noticeable discoloration



Polyester Blend Rugs: The Resilient Blend

Polyester blends are a budget-friendly option that offer a range of colors and designs. They are durable, easy to clean, and resistant to stains. They also come in a variety of textures and thicknesses, making them a versatile option for any room in your home. However, they may not have the luxurious feel of natural fibers and tend to hold onto odors. They also do not provide the longevity of a wool or hand knotted rug.


  1. Durability: Polyester blend rugs are known for their durability and resilience. These rugs can withstand heavy foot traffic and are less likely to show signs of wear and tear compared to more delicate fibers.
  2. Affordability: Polyester is a budget-friendly option, making it a great choice for those looking for stylish rugs without breaking the bank.
  3. Stain Resistance: Polyester fibers naturally repel liquids, making these rugs more resistant to stains. This is a significant advantage, especially in households with children and pets.
  4. Color Retention: Polyester rugs are generally less prone to fading, even when exposed to sunlight. This means they can maintain their vibrant colors for a longer period.


  1. Less Luxurious Feel: While polyester blend rugs are durable and practical, they may lack the luxurious and soft texture of natural fibers like viscose or wool.
  2. Static Electricity: Polyester fibers can generate static electricity, leading to discomfort or small shocks, especially in low-humidity environments.
  3. Limited Texture: Polyester fibers may not offer the same range of textures as some other materials, which could be a drawback for those seeking a specific tactile experience.


Wool Rug

Wool and Hand-Knotted Rugs

Hand-knotted wool rugs are a timeless classic. They are lustrous, durable, and have natural stain resistance. They are also hypoallergenic and eco-friendly. Wool rugs are perfect for high-traffic areas and a great option for families with children or pets. However, they can be more expensive than other fibers.

“Wool rugs are a great investment that will last years and add character to your home. They have stood the test of time and are still a top choice for decorators today.”

– Interior Designer Jane Smith

Pros of Wool and Hand-Knotted Rugs:

  • Durable. Designed to last a lifetime.
  • Hypoallergenic. Wool has lanolin that has anti-bacterial properties. That implies no bacteria will grow in your rug to cause a foul smell.
  • Natural stain resistance. Clean with club soda or warm, soapy water; no cleaning agents.
  • Eco-friendly and flame resistant.
  • Unique. A hand knotted rug is a one-of-a-kind rug that is woven completely by hand on a special loom.

Cons of Wool and Hand-Knotted Rugs:

  • More expensive fiber.


Cleanability and Durability: The Verdict

When it comes to choosing a rug fiber, you have several options to consider. Each one has its own pros and cons, but ultimately the right choice depends on your needs and personal style.

While viscose rugs exude elegance and charm, their delicate nature and sensitivity to moisture make them better suited for low-traffic areas or decorative spaces. If you’re looking for a rug that combines style, affordability, and practicality, a polyester blend rug might be your best bet. However, if you’re willing to invest in a rug that exudes opulence and are prepared to take proper care, a hand-knotted, wool rug could add a touch of glamour to your home.

Remember, regardless of the rug material you choose, proper maintenance and care are essential to ensure its longevity and preserve its aesthetic appeal. Regular vacuuming, spot cleaning, and adhering to the manufacturer’s care instructions can go a long way in keeping your rug looking its best for years to come. So go ahead, come explore the world of rugs with us, and embrace your style with confidence, knowing that the perfect rug is waiting to grace your home with warmth and beauty. Happy decorating!