How Interior Designers Add Value to Your Renovation

Hi, friends, and happy May! It’s a brand new month and Sapphire + Co is gearing up to begin a few new online projects, as well as local bathroom renovations. First of all, hiring an interior designer to help you with your renovation can be a game-changer. Most people think they can save money by doing renovations independently. While hiring an interior designer is an added expense, we can save you a lot of stress and money in the long run. Our job is to help plan and provide advice on specific spaces in your home, while also aiding in the procurement of products and materials. We are here to give you the top 5 ways Interior Designs can add value to your renovation!



Stay on Budget

Despite the cost incurred when hiring professionals, interior designers can help you save money on unnecessary expenses. Now, let’s be honest – renovations can be extremely challenging, especially if you are in the Permian Basin. (IYKYK) Between low supply chains and labor shortages there are plenty of opportunities for projects to go awry. As experts in the field we stay up to date on the latest products to provide our clients with quality, budget friendly selections. By working directly with the contractor, interior designers can help prevent problems before they occur.


Better Resources

Can you imagine not having to worry about the quality of products and materials involved in your project? When you hire an interior designer for your renovation, that’s exactly what you can expect! With several years in the industry and trustworthy connections, Sapphire + Co provides you with consistently high quality, durable products that won’t break the bank. We believe that it’s important to always sit down with our clients to go over furniture and finish items in a project so that our clients feel confident in their final choices and aesthetic.



Overseeing Other Vendors & Contractors

Something I’m often asked – “Can you meet with contractors to get bids and explain to them what we are wanting?” The answer? Yes! We try to take the most stressful parts of a renovation and make them unnoticeable to the client so they enjoy the process as much as possible. Interior designers guide contractors and trade professionals through detailed floorplans, elevations and other visual representation. Designers are more likely to recognize issues in small details that arise throughout the renovation and will freely voice concerns to the contractor to assure the outcome is as expected.


Increase Resale Value

Not every renovation requires a full scale remodel. Whether you are flipping a property or looking to make minor updates for resell, an interior designer can help increase your homes value. Our goal is to help your home stand out in a competitive housing market by putting money into upgrades that will generate the most profit when reselling your home.


Stunning Results

Be prepared for not only a beautiful transformation, but also a space that functions well with quality pieces. Furniture is always custom selected based on floorplans, allocated square footage and client needs; taking into account kid friendly fabrics and durable finishes. With an interior designer involved in your renovation you are sure to receive stunning results!


Looking for help on your next renovation or new build project? Sapphire + Co is always here to walk you through the entire process and ensure that all work is performed as planned. Reach out to us here!

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