Easy Christmas Bar Cart for Holiday Entertaining

The Christmas season is filled with numerous festivities and usually a lot of entertaining! It can be casual with only close friends and family coming over to as elaborate as hosting a party of 50 or more. No matter the size, one way to be a great host and take some of the work off yourself is by creating a welcoming, holiday themed bar cart with everything needed to whip up a great cocktail!

Adding Christmas cheer to a bar cart is pretty effortless! We found a lot of these decorative items at local stores or in our personal Christmas collection from the attic. We added in alcohol and groceries we already had around the house. It took us a total of 20 minutes to put together, so when I tell you a bar cart is an easy way to decorate for the seasons – I mean it! Let’s get decorating!


A festive garland is a clear way to display holiday cheer. Pair it with a string of ornaments, pom poms, or small bells and give yourself a little extra flare! We found these items at our local Hobby Lobby, but shop similar items below.



We love to keep our Christmas bar cart interactive and add a few snacks when we have company over. Who can say no to a charcuterie board? We grabbed a few of our favorite cheeses, including a local cranberry goat cheese, and placed them on a board with a nut mix. This can obviously get a little more extravagant for a larger party, but we kept it simple this time!

 We found these Christmas trees at our local Target and Home Goods! Using a mix of textured trees gave this bar cart additional interest and warmth. We used velvet, glass, ceramic and sisal bottle brush trees throughout. Interested in similar options? Shop below.




What’s on every good bar cart? The booze, of course! To keep the champagne cold, we had to improvise and used what we had on hand. This glass vase was the perfect size and we decorated it with a holiday tartan ribbon to give us the festive look we were after.

For the kids, we like to have hot cocoa ready to go and will add items to the charcuterie board that they can use, such as marshmallows, peppermint sticks, etc. It gets everyone involved and entertains the kids for a bit. That’s a win-win in our book!

All bar carts need cocktail glasses! Use this occasion to incorporate your special, holiday inspired glasses into the bar cart. We decided to go bold this year and invested in glasses with all the holiday cheer (and glitter)!



For get togethers we like to have a special holiday drink on hand.  This year we followed the Simply Whisked Christmas Sangria recipe and it was delish! Pro Tip: keep a few ingredients on the side for garnish. Apples, oranges, rosemary, pomegranates, the list goes on! Pick your favorites!

To add an additional level of detail, we layered the bottom of the bar cart with fake snow. Rather than the true “fake snow” you can buy, we went for the less messy version and bought the fake snow blanket.


If you’ve been around here for a while, you remember our Halloween Boos Cart. We used the same frame from the Boos cart and replaced the inside print with a new online holiday printable. This is probably the easiest way to continuously update your cart for all the holidays and seasons throughout the year! We usually find our printables on Etsy or Canva.




Well, that’s it, friends! I hope you take the time this month to remember the reason for the season, hold loved ones close and enjoy the time you get with those around you. This time of year is known as the season of giving, but we challenge you to be a giver throughout the entire year. Have a wonderful week and aim to be fully present during all those Christmas parties coming up! Happy decorating!