Dreamy Kitchen Remodel – Before + After

Today on the blog we are showcasing a spectacular kitchen remodel, and let me tell you friends, you are in for quite the treat! From dark and dreary to dreamy and oh so desirable, the details of this transformation are sure to leave you breathless, (and most likely speed dialing our number so you can get on the books for your next project)!  

When our clients purchased this unique property, they knew that many areas required renovating and they asked the team at Sapphire + Co to help create a vision that would meet their standards, both stylistically and functionally. We started in the kitchen because it’s the heart of the home, and quite truthfully, it was begging to be rescued from its outdated demise! Our goal was to create a better flow, integrate it with the surrounding living areas, and bring in brightness.



Our clients wanted a farmhouse fresh feel with unpretentious modern charm and all the conveniences of an updated kitchen. Inspiration for this room blends two toned cabinets with cool pewter hardware and lighting. White oak shelves and flooring bring warmth to the overall design and remodel.


To say the kitchen was cramped is a drastic understatement.  We began the renovation by removing a wall between the kitchen and dining room.  We rerouted ductwork in the ceiling of the front hallway and relocated the pantry to open up the kitchen floorplan.  Everything was gutted – cabinets, countertops, flooring, appliances, etc.  We replaced the original fixed window above the sink with a casement widow and moved them both out from the corner, centralizing the window and sink along the wall.



One of the biggest obstacles we ran across was navigating the different floor heights between the kitchen and the dining room.  Even with the new spacious floorplan, we were unable to accommodate an island.  We worked closely with our contractor to consolidate the step between these two rooms into a peninsula of cabinetry and voila!  This extension acts as an island and keeps the flow of traffic open to the surrounding areas.


PRO TIP: Remove that unnecessary furr down still hanging above your kitchen cabinets and replace it with taller upper cabinets. We were grateful that the soffit space above the cabinets in this kitchen were not housing any ductwork or plumbing. We easily said bye-bye to this once popular kitchen design trend of the 1990’s!


We ushered in clean lines with sleek cabinets and hardware. The taller cabinets add more storage and advertently draw the eye upward.  The elegant molding blends the cabinets seamlessly into the ceiling. The complimentary cabinet paint in white and soft grey helps reflect light throughout the kitchen and makes everything so much brighter. Are you jealous yet? We are!


Okay, let’s talk a little bit about these Mont Blanc quartzite countertops, shall we?! They are GORGEOUS and give this kitchen a timeless look. Quartzite is a natural stone, comprised of minerals that have been compressed into solid metamorphic rock. It’s like having a slice of geological time right there in your home. Depending on how long and how deep the rock was buried affects the quartzite’s variation and veining. It also contributes to the porous quality of the stone and that is something that every homeowner needs to understand when choosing countertops. Fortunately, sealing the stone is simple; just be sure to work with a qualified fabricator to ensure the edges and cut surfaces are protected adequately. Stunning? Timeless? Easy to maintain? Yes, please!! 



Our clients are exquisite chefs, so a must have on their design wish list was a 6-burner range with a pot filler above. We incorporated a mosaic tile behind the range for a fun, unexpected detail, while leaving the main backsplash a neutral, timeless tile. Doesn’t it add just the perfect amount of charm? The band of white oak around the vent hood also supplies warmth in the space and coordinates with the floating shelves on either side of the window. 



How do you feel about open shelving in a kitchen?  We love to use this space to display colorful tableware and artwork. They also provide a convenient place to have easy access to essential items while cooking.  The sconces above the shelves cast light downward and add an additional custom element to the space.  The backsplash is a perfect backdrop behind the white oak shelves and flows seamlessly throughout the kitchen.


And not to be left out are all the new appliances, a great faucet from Delta, a farmhouse style apron front sink, and we haven’t even started cooking…



This project was challenging, and at times intense, but our team is always ready to tackle demanding remodels.  Especially when the results are so stunning!  This family has already created so many savory meals in their new kitchen.  It is a beautiful space where they will enjoy time together for years to come.  If you’re ready to fall in love with your kitchen again, all you have to do is say yes.  Reach out to us, and we’ll help make all those #kitchengoals come true!

Kitchen Remodel - Before + After