Tips for Creating the Coziest Bedroom Ever

I don’t know about you, but a bedroom with a restful atmosphere is a luxury we can’t afford to live without. Getting our zzz’s leads to increased energy, productivity, and all-round happiness; meaning it’s also detrimental to our health!  We believe that creating a comfortable bed must be a priority.  Below, we are providing some tips on how to create a calm, cozy bedroom.


Cozy Bedroom Tips + Tricks

When you slip into bed at night, (or in the middle of the day if you’re a napper…), protect the quality of sleep by investing in high performance linens. 

Check out these brands we love! Don’t forget, it’s a good idea to have an extra set on standby for laundry day.



We styled this cozy bedroom with a neutral color palette in mind.  The rich blue walls added dimension, so we kept the bedding and accessories simple and pulled everything together with various textures.


Pillows take your bed to the next level!  This comfortable king bed was given 2 king sham pillows as a base and then we layered them with 3 Euro Pillows, (2) 24-inch Decorative Throw Pillows, and an Oversized Lumbar. 

The key to successfully achieving coordinating pillows is by mixing pattern and color.  The chambray cotton euro pillows with fringed edging are part of the Casaluna line from Target.  They work perfectly in this space paired with the woven knit throw pillows and oversized leather lumbar.

PRO TIP: Whenever possible, buy throw pillows with zipper covers so you can easily change out the inserts.  The inserts for the decorative 24-inch throw pillows were insufficient,  so we swapped them out for larger down filled inserts to add fullness.  

You can buy inserts that are 100% down, half down/half microfiber, or even an alternative synthetic down.  Make sure to use inserts that are slightly larger than the cover.  For example, on a 24-inch square pillow cover we like to use a 26-inch square insert.  On a 20-inch square pillow cover we like to use a 22-inch square insert.  You get the picture.  

Click below to see two inserts that will give you a perfect karate chopped pillow!


The faux snake skin bench at the end of the bed provides our clients with the perfect spot to place bedding pillows before hopping in bed at the end of a long day. This vintage find was the perfect piece to finish out project #SapphireCuratedBedroom

A duvet folded in thirds at the end of a bed adds another layer of comfort and relaxation.  It also makes us want to stay in bed late on a Saturday morning, which isn’t a bad thing right? 😉

Don’t forget to style the nightstands with things you love.  We added lamps, books, trinkets, and greenery.  We hope these tips help you create a luxurious bedroom that gives you all the cozy feels!  Happy slumbering!