The Art of Buying + Hanging… ART!

Hi, friends! Welcome into a new month and happy first day of March! We are getting closer to spring and warmer weather. For many, that means Spring cleaning or a full Spring refresh. If you’re looking to refresh the art in your home there are a few standards you can follow to make art shopping and art hanging a walk in the park. 


Art plays an integral role in finishing a design. At Sapphire + Co, we know that art is a magical ingredient that has the potential to add pizzaz to any space. Art is also extremely personal, and as designers, it can be challenging to appropriately curate an art collection for a client. It’s important for us to talk to our clients and get to know their habits and interests so we can source art that expresses their personalities.

Selecting Art

Art can be the focal point of a space and the anchor of a design. It can also simply fill a void and enhance a room with a pop of color. While we suggest investing in special pieces that speak to you, not every piece of art needs to be an original or break the bank. By all means, these avenues are fantastic for those who can afford them, but we have plenty of art sources that provide economical art.


Leftbank Art is a great source for unique artwork. This is a designer exclusive line offering the ability to customize your frame, art size and hanging orientation. From black and white portraits to colorful abstract prints and everything in between. You think it, they have it!



Let me tell you – you don’t have to source from expensive galleries or pay commissions to an emerging artist for original work! Minted is a great source for collections of fun and affordable prints, both canvas and framed art. Lots of animal art and whimsical florals, perfect for your next nursery project or kid’s room. All art is available with or without a frame and usually in varying sizes. They also carry beautiful wall murals and fun home décor, such as throw pillows and blankets, so don’t be surprised if you purchase more than intended!




Hanging Art

Alright, so you’ve purchased some splendid art and now you have to figure out how to hang it. Que the dramatic “dun dun dun…” Just kidding! But hanging art can feel daunting if you don’t know simple standards, and trust me, nothing will ruin an awesome piece of art more than incorrect placement. Below are some tips and tricks to equip you with the knowledge you need to hang art perfectly every time.

Let’s start with the height. Art needs to be hung around eye level, and because eye level can be different for all of us, we use a formula to help ensure consistency.  The middle of the art must be hung about 57” from the ground. Start by taking the total height of the art and dividing by two. This will be the middle of the art. That midpoint needs to be hung at our generalized eye level height of 57” from the ground. This formula will shift slightly for oversized art or if the art is being sacked on top of each other. Please note that not all art has the same hanging devices on the back so there will be other measuring needed to compensate for where the nail is actually placed.


Hanging Art Above a Sofa


  • Hang art 6-8 inches above the back of a sofa
  • If using more than one art piece, hang art 3-4 inches apart from each other
  • Allow art to span 2/3 of the total width of the sofa – this holds true for one large piece of art and for sets of artwork as well
  • Select images that coordinate (try to find a set of 2 or 3 pieces) and are the same size


  • Hang art high above the sofa where it looks like it is floating in the space
  • Hang art large distances from each other – this makes the art feel disjointed
  • Hang art pieces at varying heights from each other
  • Hang art at the same height as doors and windows – you don’t want art to align with architectural elements and create a line around the room


Hanging Art Above a Console Table


  • Hang art 6-8 inches above the console table
  • Center art above console table width
  • Make a bold statement with one large piece of art


  • Hang art to high above the console table
  • Hang art off center from the console
  • Select art smaller or larger than 2/3 the span of the console table width – it will feel disproportionate in size


There you have it! We hope these tips and tricks help you on your art hanging adventures and provide you with confidence to buy some awesome, unique art. Art should be fun; a celebration of who you are and what you love. More importantly, it should make you happy. If you need help deciding what kind of art you want, reach out to us. We are always excited to assist you on your design journey!