Organizing Your Home in Style for Back to School

It’s official, the end of summer is upon us (Dun, dun, dunnnnn). Just kidding.. sort of 😉 But for the parents and the teachers out there, it’s time to get back into a routine and get the kids on track for back to school. Getting ready for back to school can be a chaotic time, but with a little organization, you can prepare your home for the new school year without stress.

Simply creating zones in your house can make waking up, getting dressed, fed, and out the door simple, while also empowering kids to help and make decisions for themselves in the process. Don’t feel like you have to have everything figured out and in place by day one of school! Take it in small bites and tackle one space at a time.

Today we are here to share our tips on tackling three specific zones in your house that should be well organized for easy, out-the-door mornings, and look beautiful, too.

#1. Creative Closet Solutions

If you’re getting ready to tackle organizing your kids closet, consider your child’s personality and what works best for them. Some children can make choices on their own without much direction, while others need fewer choices. Even if you hate the outfits they put together, empowering kids to make decisions for themselves is ultimately good for their development A few things to keep in mind:

  1. Have kids pick out outfits for the week. Sunday evenings are the perfect time to have children pick out their outfits for the week ahead. We’ve found that the hanging shelves seen below work best to keep daily outfits organized.
  2. Keep everyday items at arms reach. I.E. winter clothes should be stored on the top rack during the summer months. For most kids, shoe cubbies are easier to reach than over the door storage.
  3. Streamline in simple ways. Ditch wire or plastic hangers for matching wood hangers. Get a woven laundry hamper with a lid to keep laundry hidden in style.
  4. Keep undergarments in bins. Storing underwear and pajamas in bins, like these white bins or woven baskets, keeps the items hidden, saving you time sorting laundry.


Shop Girl Sources: Butterfly Wallpaper, White Wood Hangers, Polka-Dot Laundry Hamper, Vertical Hanging Storage – Linen, White Shoe Tower, Gold Starburst Light

Shop Boy Sources: Caribou Wallpaper, Black Lantern Light, Gray Vertical Hanging Storage, Wood Hangers, Woven Laundry Hamper with Lid, Acrylic Stacking Shoe Storage


#2. Homework Zone

Establish a homework routine that works for your family. Even if your kids are too young to bring home regular homework assignments, getting them used to the idea of their own work zone, can make it easier when the time comes.

Create a designated study area for your child. This should be a quiet space with minimal distractions and good lighting. Keep it simple. The less “stuff” the fewer distractions for the kiddos. For the perfect homework zone, we recommend the following:

  1. A right-sized desk
  2. Desk Chair (Swivel chairs ideal for 5+ years old)
  3. Desk lamp
  4. Containers for supplies
  5. Pin-up board/ Dry-erase calendar

In the Homework Zone we’ve provided you with SPLURGE items, along with very similar SAVE items, giving you flexibility to mix and match when designing this space and picking out necessary pieces.



Shop Girl Splurge Sources: Teen’s White Hutch Desk, Performance Pink Velvet Swivel Desk Chair, Gold Table Lamp, Brass Frame Dry-Erase Calendar, Acrylic Desk Storage

Shop Girl Save Sources: White Desk, Pink Channeled Velvet Swivel Desk Chair, Gold Table Lamp, Acrylic Dry-Erase Calendar, Brass Desk Organizer

Shop Boy Splurge Sources: Wood Desk, Navy Blue Swivel Desk Chair, Blue Ombre Lamp, Pin Board, Dry-Erase Calendar

Shop Boy Save Sources: Faux Wood Desk, Navy Faux Leather Desk Chair, Blue Ombre Lamp, Pin Board, Acrylic Dry-Erase Calendar


#3. Back to School Pantry

If you’re anything like me then mornings are hard for you. Organizing your kitchen to allow for easy breakfast and lunches can help you have a more relaxed morning with your family. Here are a few tips we use for an easy-breezy food prep.

  1. Pre-make Grab-and-Go portions – Let your kids pick the number of portions you deem appropriate. For Example: In Fridge, they can pick 1 fruit, 1 veggie item and 1 protein such as almonds or yogurt. Need some inspiration? Check out the School Year Survival and Little Bento books below!
  2. Save money making lunches – Instead of buying pre-packaged meals for the kids, make your own lunches and place them inside lunch bento boxes. Some Bento Boxes even come with fun animal shaped food picks and eating utensils to make packing lunch a breeze for you at home and fun for the kids at school.
  3. Group like items – Use baskets or bins in the panty to organize snacks and drinks.
  4. Make things easy to reach – Keep a stool nearby for easy reach on higher shelves.
  5. Add FREE printable lunchbox notes – Place these in your kid’s lunchbox for encouragement throughout the day. They’re sure to love them!



Shop Sources: Girls Bento Box, Tie-Dye Lunch Box, Woven Pantry Baskets, School Year Survival Book, Wooden Pantry Stool, Boys Bento Box, Dinosaur Lunch Box, Little Bento Book, White Storage Bins




So tell us… How are you feeling. Really? We tend to get excited at the idea of organizing but for many it can cause serious overwhelm. We’re here to tell you – Don’t let it! Just pick one space and do what you can with the time you have each day. Before you run out buying a bunch of organizing items, take stock of what you already have around the house. Turn on your favorite playlist and have fun with it. And for crying out loud. Don’t feel like you have to have everything done by the first day of school!

Ready to start a new project in your home? Let’s work together.