5 Tips for Interior Design Shopping at Big Box Stores

Hello, friends! Long time no chat. We have been so dang busy these last couple months, and haven’t taken the time to sit and write. Did you miss us? We’ve missed you!

Now, let’s jump into today’s topic: Shopping at Big Box Stores

When it comes to decorating your space, big box stores can offer a wealth of options at affordable prices. We took you on a recent trip to our local HomeGoods to search for a few last minute shelf install accessories, and you loved it so much that we wanted to continue down the Big Box rabbit hole and give you a few of our tips and tricks when out shopping. Let’s face it, we’ve all found ourselves out scowering the shelves of the local HomeGoods at one point or another, and navigating the best options on a tight budget can be tricky. (If you’re from Midland, TX you know exactly what I mean by scower. It’s harder to find gems around here, y’all.) These stores are not my everyday stop, but when I need a few last minute accessories to fill a space this is where you’ll find me!


Here are five expert tips to make the most out of your interior design big box shopping experience:

1. Pillows and Quality Inserts at Big Box Stores

Pillows can instantly transform the look and feel of a room, but the key lies in selecting both stylish covers and high-quality inserts. In my experience, only a select few pillows at big box stores come with quality inserts. However, many of the pillows have zippers on the bottom, and you can replace the insert. Opt for inserts that are plump and resilient, preferably made from down or a down alternative for long-lasting comfort and shape retention. These will give you that “chopped” designer look.

PROTIP: Go 2″ bigger on the pillow insert than the pillow cover. I.e. use a 22″ insert for a 20″ pillow cover. Thank us later 😉

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2. Choosing the Right Rug Material

You can find designer rugs at outrageously marked down prices in big box stores, including brands such as Loloi, Surya, and Feizy. I’m talking 50% off retail!! IF YOU DON’T KNOW NOW YOU KNOW!

Our #1 tip for rugs – When choosing a rug material from big box stores, consider the traffic in the area. For high-traffic zones like living rooms or hallways, opt for durable materials like wool blends or synthetic fibers that are easy to clean. Keep in mind, wool will last you years and years to come; it is the most resilient rug fiber you can get, hence the heftier price points. Polyester, machine made rugs are a great, inexpensive solution for a space but are not as durable and will likely need to be replaced within 3-5 years. In quieter areas, such as the primary bedroom, indulge in plush materials like viscose blends for added comfort. Warning: Viscose blends are NOT GOOD for living areas and high traffic spaces. They will absorb stains, do not clean well and show traffic patterns like no other. Trust us on this; check the rug content!!

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big box store rugs  

3. Selecting Realistic Faux Greenery

Don’t have a green thumb? Bring the outdoors in with faux greenery that looks as good as the real thing. Look for plants with realistic textures and colors. I’ve found that faux silk florals tend to look just that – faux; while faux greenery and trees often mimic natural plants effectively. Mix different types of greenery to create depth and interest without the maintenance.

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4. Artwork: Framed and Scaled Right

Artwork can tie a room together, but it’s essential to choose pieces that complement your space in both style and scale. We always recommend custom or semi-custom art for our clients to keep their spaces one-of-a-kind, but if that is out of your budget big box stores can often have great selections. We always recommend that you opt for framed artwork vs canvas art for a more finished, up-scale look. Ensure the pieces suit your decor theme and are appropriately sized for the wall space. You almost always need to go bigger than you think! Consider larger pieces for statement walls and smaller ones for intimate corners.

In doubt? Reach out to us, here. We’d be happy to schedule a consultation to go over artwork and appropriate sizing and placement for your space.

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5. Checking Furniture for Comfort and Sturdiness

We always recommend putting aside a majority of your budget for furniture. Afterall, you get what you pay for. However, if you must purchase furniture items at big box stores, here are our top tips: Before purchasing furniture, particularly larger pieces like sofas or chairs, always check for comfort and sturdiness. Sit on sofas to gauge cushion firmness and support. Test chairs for stability and make sure drawers and doors on cabinets open smoothly. Look for solid construction and durable materials that will withstand everyday use. Check the scale! Often times the furniture we see at big box stores in too small for the client’s space and will throw the balance of the room off.

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So, what’d ya think? Were these five tips helpful? Still have questions?
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By following our tips & tricks, we hope you can navigate big box stores with confidence, finding pieces that not only fit your budget but also enhance the beauty and functionality of your home. Happy decorating!